Rcc vs docker: when to use

I’m new to Robot Framework. Maybe some one can tell me the pros and cons using rcc vs docker running a robot in a recurring environment. I’ve read that RobotCorp uses docker on their control room server for example and nor rcc.

RCC is part of the Robocorp workflow to ensure that the automation code can run anywhere on any platform. Think of RCC as “virtualenv on steroids”.
If you want to write an automation which should run in Robocorp Cloud, you have to use RCC locally. It’s a bit like a Dockerfile which specifies what should be inside of an image and in which version.
Once pushed to the Robocorp Cloud, Control Room can re-create exactly the same Python environment you have used on your machine. And yes, Robocorp uses Containers to run your automations in their cloud to be scalable.

The question of which is better (RCC or Docker) cannot be answered in this way because it makes no sense. RCC builds environments for you that are isolated from each other - irrespective of whether they are in VMs, Docker containers or bare metal.

Hope that helps!