QWeb library - Problems to run test cases in Jenkins

I try to run Robot tests by Jenkins. I have changed by Selenium2library to QWeb library and now Jenkins runs started to fail. Does anyone know how to fix this?

QWeb version number: 1.0.1
Browser: chrome
Browser version: 89.0.4389.90
Chromedriver version: 89.0.4389.23 (61b08ee2c50024bab004e48d2b1b083cdbdac579-refs/branch-heads/4389@{#294})
| FAIL |
QWebDriverError: Message: javascript error: Failed to set the ‘src’ property on ‘HTMLScriptElement’: This document requires ‘TrustedScriptURL’ assignment.

not 100% of root cause but it could be issue in QWeb … The error message is triggered because of Content Security Policy (CSP) - HTTP | MDN - I did take a brief look into QWeb during robocon and if i remember right, it injects script tag into the sut and thats probably what causes the error when csp is enabled - maybe. I’d file an issue/q to github project.