Proposal: Rename `Force Tags` to `Test Tags` and remove `Default Tags`

Main benefits:

  • Simpler.
  • Consistent with other settings like Test Setup and Test Timeout.
  • Eases localization.

This would obviously be a backwards incompatible change so we couldn’t do it without a deprecation period. We could start by adding Test Tags as an alias for Force Tags in RF 5.1 and then do actual deprecation and removal later.

For more details see issue #4365. Comments appreciated here and directly to the issue.


One thing that comes to my mind is that since RPA was included, Test Cases section got tthat Tasks alias. There was already a comment regarding this in github issue but to reiterate, having “Test” in the proposal feels a bit weird :slight_smile:

However, i do wonder if tags are even generally used for rpa purposes ?

Yeah, we needed to add Task Tags as an alias for Test Tags. We have added Task Setup etc. as well.

It would be even better if there was some neutral term that could be used instead of “test” or “task” prefix, but I don’t know what it could be or would introducing it be worth the backwards compatibility problems it would cause.

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