Processing output xml midrun

I’m currently running a python script that is called from Robot. This script continuously calls keywords until it reaches a wanted point. The script then restarts(cleans up the test) and begins the process over again. I’m looking for a way to use the xml to produce smaller individual logs during the middle of the large execution. I wrote functions that worked outside of the main script, but discovered that robot seems to have an erratic updating of the xml. The xml is never at the expected point to do what I need it – i.e. I expect the last line to be to denote the end of a keyword execution, but instead the last line will be from the middle of an xml tag hundreds of lines behind.

Perhaps I’m approaching this the wrong way. Is there a way to make robot dump the queued up log information? Or should I attempt a completely different system for logging? Suggestions and help would be appreciateed

Robot writes a log file if you pass -b console.log on command line. Maybe you can process that log file somehow (with filebeat and elastic search maybe)

Afaik robot’s xml file isn’t complete until the test run is complete. You can use rebot to compile multiple XML files after the fact but I don’t think it’s a really parsable until it’s done.