Problem with integration of tqdm (Progress Bar ) with robotframework

I have problem with integration with tqdm library (GitHub - tqdm/tqdm: A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI ) to create nice progress bar, after executing code console won`t update
To install lib

pip install tqdm

Python code that works

import time
from tqdmLibrary import tqdm
pbar = tqdm(desc="Test", total=10)
for i in range(10):

code of library

from tqdm import tqdm
from robot.api.deco import library, keyword
class tqdmLibrary:
    def __init__(self):
    def start_tqdm(self, total=None, desc=None, **kwargs):
        self.pbar = tqdm(total=int(total), desc=desc, **kwargs)

    def update_tqdm(self, n=1):

Robot Code

*** Settings ***

*** Test Cases ***
Progres Bar
    Start Tqdm    total=10    desc=Test
    FOR    ${counter}    IN RANGE    10
        Update Tqdm
        Sleep    0.3

small fix
from tqdm import tqdm
instead of

from tqdmLibrary import tqdm

First off with caveat that i havent really used tqdm that much: when you call Update Tqdm keyword, shouldn’t you pass ${counter} to it - as it looks like you call the keyword now 10 times but always passing 1 to it?

That said, i made a “poc” type of implementation with Tkinter, very similar to your except its actual gui. Check out the code and example.robot @ GitHub - rasjani/robotframework-guistatus: UI For showing progress of currently running tests or automation processes for Robot Framework

Update increase “count” by default by 1 , if you can set greater values.
I need something in cli or used on jenkins.
I notice problem that is related with interaction with robotframework handles output and tqdm have the same goal :). So it can`t update current output (its interaction on using “CR”