Page Object Model Not working

these are the outcome of Page Object model tests I tried to run recently but the tests failed. the result can be seen in one of the pictures.

can anyone help me step by step on what i should do? I have other tests in the Pycharm IDE and they all run perfectly well.

seems the resource folders could not be found

This is just a note for you to improve your question.

  • Try to avoid screen shots, instead use text pasted in a formatting code mark.
  • Ask a question describing your problem (then, complete it with possible errors found).
  • The best is to have always a fully runnable test code, that other can experiment (of course without any private or confidential information).

Note: I will not open each of your images to try to understand your problem!


thanks for your response

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Id just try this first:

Cant really see how your referencing the resource in the PageObjects.robot

Ok, thanks i’ll try it out.