Overlay Progress Dialog at any place on screen

I am using RF with a desktop application. Whilst the GUI is being controlled it would be useful to know the progress of the tests. I have looked at the dialogs library however it doesn’t seem to have the ability to position text at a location on the screen. The dialog could show up for a short time at the start of a particular test and then disappear or alternatively it would be nice if it stayed on the screen throughout the test so you could see what test was being executed. Obviously if it stayed on screen it cant be modal as the screen still needs to be interacted with.

That should be an external tool, not belonging to RF libraries. You can achieve that by using a listener, and a graphical UI framework.

In RIDE, you have most of the functions you need. Because we do have a listener when running tests. You could do that with wxPython. You could see the overlay example in their Demo.

If you do that, please contact me, so we can have a Plugin for RIDE.

Using a generic framework would allow to have the same feature for all OS: Windows, Linux, macos.
Also Qt could be another framework to consider.

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You can also check out RPA.Assistant library | Robocorp documentation library. It intent is for user interaction but might also work for your use case.