New Version 7 issue

Summary :- Showing error “SuchIdIsExistException: Document with such id 1 is opened.
while executing open excel method.

Details :- After updating the version to latest 7, there was warning in console “The ‘[Return]’ setting is deprecated. Use the ‘RETURN’ statement instead.”.
When i updated [Return] to RETURN method then it started showing error message “SuchIdIsExistException: Document with such id 1 is opened.”. basically for open excel method where i am returning data from rows and columns.
Now after reusing [Return], the error message is not showing now but warning is getting displayed for each [Return] statment

Problem :- If [Return] will be deprecated then in future, it will not able to return data from excel properly rather it will throw errors as explained above. Kindly update on the solution or any workaround so that warning can be resolved for current latest version 7.

Notes:- I have only checked in excel return method. Need other method proper observations.

That Exception is custom one defined by robotframework-excellib and seems to be thrown when ever same file is opened more than once. That doesn’t feel like an issue with RF itself but how that excellib is written or how you are using it.

Yup…At first, i also thought the same thing.I tried to close all excel instances running in background and restarted my machine.
Still i faced same issue. only after changing back to [Return] from RETURN keyword, it started working fine. This issue is mainly getting displayed whenever excel method is called to get data from rows and columns. Also before updating to version 7, i was using version 6.11.I never faced the issue before.
I faced the issue just after i updated to version 7.

Well, if you are certain its because of RF 7.0 release - could you provide a minimal steps that will reproduce the issue ?

Cuz if the library you are using is this; GitHub - peterservice-rnd/robotframework-excellib: Robot Framework library for working with Excel documents.

I can’t really see any reason why RETURN would affect that, only way that particular code (python side) will ever trigger that particular exception is that you are calling Open Excel Document multiple times with same doc:_id value and not closing the document in between.

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I got the workaround in my code. I was first closing the excel and then returning the value which was working for [Return] but not in case of RETURN. So for RETURN to work, first i retrived data and then added step to close the excel.

Thanks for the update.