Negotiate Authentication

Hi All,

I have recently started looking into the Robot FW Requests Library as a solution to test REST APIs.
From the documentation, I see that there are several keywords to create different types of sessions, but not for the Negotiate auth type of session, which I need.
I see that there is a keyword Create Custom Session, but source code doesn`t seem to have any support for Negotiate auth.

Does Robot FW library Requests support Negotiate auth sessions without any modifications to the source code? Could keyword Create Custom Session be used in this situation?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @aleksandra7 what do you mean with negotiated auth session? Like oauth/oauth2?
Unfortunately it’s not supported by the raw library what I did in my case was to create a standard session get the bearer via standard post request and ad it in the session headers (using Update Session)
In this way all the following requests on the same session will inherit the authentication bearer.