Need to know about Keyword driven framework approach in robot framework


I have a scenario all my test case define in the database and define the action like that for each test case step under each test case

Test case template for each step : [Automation] [Action of step]

EX: [Automation] Navigate URL
[Automation] User enters values
[Automation] Click Link

Need to iterate based on Automation keyword and identify the action of each step then need to perform action through automation.

Is it possible to create a keyword-driven framework like other tools in Robot framework? and this approach need to work for any test cases if test case keyword is same. if it’s possible, can you please suggest and provide a examples it will help for me.

Thanks in Advance

Hi gk,

I’m not sure what you’re asking? Robot Framework is a keyword-driven framework, so there’s no need to try and create a keyword-driven framework in robot framework, just create the keywords you need.

Hope that helps,