Modifying log.html

I’m trying to simplify the log in two ways:

  1. In the statistics by suite part, it’s showing the results for a test folder and results for test files inside that folder. In my case, since I only have one file per folder, it’s basically showing the same result twice. Could I show one or the other?

  2. For each test folder/ file, there’s ‘sources’ attribute which points to the path. Could I change it to point to a url? e.g. now I have ‘Source: /usr/src/app/e2e-tests/test_suite_1’. I would like to change that to ‘Source: ${repo url}/e2e-tests/test_suite_1’ so that devs can click on it and see the test definition. Otherwise it’s just a broken url.

For 2), I read that I can create a log from output.xml using rebot. So my idea was to substitute the url in the xml, then do rebot output.xml. But I get the error Suite '' contains no tests after model modifiers.