Mermaid diagram integration with libdoc

I am trying to add a mermaid diagram to my libdoc generated documentation which is not supported by default. I would really appreciate it if anyone has a hint on how this can be done.
Thank you

What’s a “mermaid diagram” ?

Are you trying to make a documentation or a diagram ?
If you are trying to make a diagram you could try to use the API and pandas.
I have no clue of what you are trying to do but if it can help, I found this link


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Mermaid Diagrams are like markdown for diagrams see examples.

I saw this question yesterday, though I knew what mermaid diagrams are I have never seen them integrated with or used for robot framework, so didn’t know what to say.


Perhaps you can give a bit more detail on what you want to acheive?

As far as I know libdoc generates html documentation from python (and Java) code, it doesn’t generate any type of markdown.

So I guess it’s not surprising that it doesn’t support mermaid syntax as, my understanding is that mermaid is a subset of markdown that’s not even supported on all markdown implementations (e.g. github markdown doesn’t support mermaid)

Let me know If I misunderstood something (I don’t know everything),