How to generate documentation.xml for a remote library?

My experience in generating documentation using robot.libdoc is good, though when I try to do the same with our libraries based on the core Remote library libdoc fails.

The same happens if you try to generate the same for the builtin library:

python -m robot.libdoc RobotPythonLib\robot\libraries\ RobotPythonLib\robot\libraries\Remote.xml

Getting keyword names from library 'Remote' failed: Calling dynamic method 'get_keyword_names' failed: Connecting remote server at failed: [WinError 10061] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Try --help for usage information. 

Any tips how to approach this would be nice! Do I need a remote side, even though I want to document the “local library”? Maybe there is a simple solution I have missed?

I am answering myself…

ok, I see the remote library has no keywords by itself, but still the question is how do you handle this kind of libraries when generating documentation?