Mabot looks outdated, any alternatives?

I’m looking for a tool that lets me run my robot test cases manually, per CLI or a simple GUI that lets me see the keywords/test steps and mark the tests as “pass” or “fail”. I found Mabot, but it seems extremely outdated, I wasn’t even able to make it run.

I don’t use a TCMS for my test cases, I just mark them with a “manual” tag inside robot files.

Before I start to build something or fork mabot, I wanted to ask if someone here knows if an tool for this use case exists.


Hi Niko,

I guess it depends on how often you need to run them manually?

Not sure if this will help, when I’m developing scripts I just add Execute Manual Step as the last step, I then let the test case run the automation up to the point I have it working and then leave the dialogue open as I figure out the next steps, clicking a button on the dialogue then lets the Teardown run and close the app/browser

I know it’s not exactly what you were asking for so I hope that helps,


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I’m not sure If I understood what you are trying to do…
But, if you have :

  • Jira / Xray,
  • Jenkins

You could try to use Jenkins run your programme (using CURL and a link to your Jenkins task).

curl http://localhost:8888/job

At that point, you can run manually your program. You can even schedule the job to run daily, every seconds, etc.

Now, you can also get the result back to Jira / Xray.