Locate a "frame" to upload file


On selected screen you can find “attach logo” button which I selecting.
then is “windows” where I need to select file.
Unfortunately I can not find way to locate “File Name:” box to input path.

I have no idea how to find this new frame as it is not displayed in code. I’m using browser library and know which keyword to use, even tried to do that with python-playwright.
Still do not know how to find the way to locate this window.

Someone can help ?


Hi Piotr,

You will need to dig around the form in the html to find the file input field, it looks like it’s a hidden field. I would guess that it’s somewhere between the button and the image preview but it may also be between the contact info field and the button too.

There is a possibility that there is no file field and it’s being uploaded with pure javascript (this is rare but I have seen it), if this is the case you’ll need to find callback the function that is called when a file is selected and use Execute JavaScript

If you are having trouble finding the file input field ask your dev team where it is, they should be able to show you (or if it’s a publicly available site we could have a look for you)


Screenshot looks like its not a browser window but a native file selector dialog. I have not used playwright or browser library but i doubt that neither has support for interacting with “native” UI’s so, something like AutoIT or other windows speciic tools are required.

If your web app accepts “dragging and dropping” the file into the page itself, SeleniumTestability does have some code to handle this sort of case in “pure javascript”, however, since its intended for selenium specifically, you might need to adapt the code: