Key-Words are not avaliable for validation

Hi Team,

I am doing API Testing by using Python Robot Framework .During validation , I am unable to find key words for my code . Most of the key words mentioned in the robot framework are not supported like “Should Contain”, “Should Be Equal” etc. To validate each and every field in the code . I need key words. While Validating Json Response with Json Body else Json Schema ,I am unable to find the key words.
Below mentioned is the code for validation:
… “Name”: “Name 1”,
… “PSI-ID”: “PSI-ID 1”,
… “Age”: 32,
… “Location”: “Location 1”,
… “id”: “1”
… }
Can any one suggest me in this and provide key words for it.

Bhargav Kagati

For Json Validation Key Words Required.

Hi Kagati,

If you are using requestslibrary you can simply use ${resp.json()} to get that JSON response as a dictionary, so you could access it somthing like ${resp.json()['PSI-ID']}

If you’re using a different library you’ll need to give more details of what you’re trying to do so we can help.


Thank you Dave

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