Json to a web form


I am very new to robotframework and what I am trying to do is create a new robot with robocorp that will get the values from a json web query and then be able to insert them into a web form in different fields, I have newby errors, first with the variables,

I understand that the task I want to do must be one of the most basic, someone could share a robot that can serve as an example

*** settings ***
Library  Collections
Library  requests
Library  Rest
Library  RPA.Browser

*** Variables ***

${json1}=   Set Variable    ${{result.json()}

*** test cases ***
    #${result} =  get  ${hi1}
    ${result} =  get  ${BASE_URL}
    Should Be Equal  ${result.status_code}  ${200}
   # ${json} =  Set Variable  ${result.json()}
    ${framework} =  Get From Dictionary  ${json1}  framework
    Should Be Equal  ${framework}  robot-framework
    ${api} =  Get From Dictionary  ${json}  api
    Should Be Equal  ${api}  rest

Caso_Test_1 | FAIL | Variable '${json1}' not found.

Hi @Msoft2007

Robot Framework does not require (probably not even support) assignments with =

Also, in *** Variables *** you do not need (and probably cannot) call keywords:

*** Variables ***

${json1}    ${{ result.json() }}