Juniper Testing


I’m new to robot so I apologise for this basic question. I’m hoping to use robot for testing my juniper environment. looking at the libraries I can’t see any external ones that I could import for this, I believe there is Nita but this is not free.

I was wondering if I can create a python script in for example PyEz and import this into robot? is there any examples that can point me in the right direction? much appreciated.


Hi @RSA517,

I don’t know anything about juniper, but my first approach to testing any application it to workout what technologies the user facing frontend is? most apps these days are accessed through a web browser so SeleniumLibrary or BrowserLibrary are all you need.

If it uses a desktop/mobile app then the library choice will vary depending on the the OS and the technology used to build the app, worst case, you will be able to automate it with SikuliLibrary

Hope that helps,


Nita isn’t free? Are we referring to these?

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Maybe these would help: