Issues with Playing Videos in Robot Framework using Browser Library

I’m currently facing an issue with playing videos in my automated tests using the Robot Framework’s Browser library, which is based on Playwright. I’m able to log in and navigate to the page with the video, but the video does not load or play correctly during the automated test.


  1. Is there a specific setting or configuration required in the Browser library to handle video playback?
  2. Are there known issues or limitations with Browser library regarding video elements?
  3. Are there any best practices or additional steps to ensure video elements load and play correctly in automated tests?

@Sirkolko Maybe you can try using plain Playwright to see if the same issue occurs? If so it’s a Playwright issue.

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It looks like it’s a codec problem with Chromium: [Question] Video not being loaded, therefore it can't be played · Issue #4585 · microsoft/playwright · GitHub
Try using Chrome or Edge as a browser.
You can also launch your Chrome browser by replacing msedge to chrome


@falcon030, You right, it chromium problem, with Chrome everything works.

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