Browser library releases

This thread is reserved for Browser library new release announcements.


Browser library 1.2.3 release is out. It fixes selecting page with NEW argument.


Browser library 1.6.0 is out, mostly bugfixes, deprecation of Click With Options and added new Set Geolocation keyword. For full details, please see:

Browser is a web testing library for `Robot Framework that utilizes the Playwright tool internally. Browser library 2.0.0 is a new release with fixed installation problems in Windows OS by using grpc-js instead of grpc. This release also fixes logic in internal node side implementation.

Browser library 2.0.0 was released on Thursday October 29, 2020. Browser supports
Python >=3.7, and Robot Framework >=3.2.

See release notes for full details


Browser library 2.1.0 is out: it contains support for playwright video and user are able to better control are their secrets leaked to the Robot Framework log.html file. There are also other smaller bug fixes in the this release.

Browser library 3.1.0 is out. Compared to 3.0.1 release, the 3.1.0 has updated Playwright to 1.8.0 version.

Browser library 4.5.0 is out. It comes with Playwright 1.11.0

Browser library 5.0.1 is out. It comes with Playwright 1.11.1