Issue in Pycharm with 4.x vs 3.1.2

So I have an installation of Pycharm, using robotframework 3.1.2 All of our tests run fine locally, note that they are *.txt files, not *.robot files. In the configuration for pycharm, under Settings > File Types, we have *.txt associated with “RobotFramework Language”, and it’s been working fine.

However, today, I tried to update to RobotFramework 4.1.2, and as soon as I try to run any of my tests, I get this error in Pycharm: Error 252 no tests found. I had this issue before during initial setup of my environment, and that was resolved by associating the *.txt filetype to RobotFramework Language.
Nothing else changed except the update to the RobotFramework library. Is there some other library/plugin I also need to update to fix this?
I reverted back to RobotFramework 3.1.2 and all my tests work fine.


Robot nowadays parses only .robot files by default. I think it was changed already in RF 3.2 but latest in RF 4.0. There’s a command line option to tell Robot to parse other files that you need if renaming files isn’t an option. I think it’s --extension but you need to check that.

So even though pycharm has a setting to associate *.txt files as robot files, that is no longer honored?

When you run robot command, it knows absolutely nothing about your PyCharm configuration. You need to explicitly tell it to parse *.txt files. My recommendation is renaming files so that test case files use *.robot and resource files use *.resource. That way plugins (at least the LSP plugin) can give you correct context specific completion and Robot can easily decide what files to parse.