Command line error when starting debug session in pycharm with RF LSP

I am trying to use robot framework LSP with pycharm (2022.2.3). When I run (i.e., not debug) a robot file, everything works OK. However, whenever I try to debug the same robot file, it fails to start and issues the following error on the console…

C:\Users\joeuser\git\demo\venv\Scripts\python.exe -m robot demo.robot “C:/Program Files/JetBrains/PyCharm Community Edition 2022.2.3/plugins/python-ce/helpers/pydev/” --multiprocess --qt-support=auto --client --port 49749 --file C:\Users\joeuser\git\demo\

[ ERROR ] Parsing ‘–multiprocess’ failed: File or directory to execute does not exist.

Try --help for usage information.

Process finished with exit code 252

(Note: I previously had Hyper Robot Framework 0.1.4 installed. Though I uninstalled it, perhaps there’s something leftover causing the problem?)