"Imported library contains no keywords"

I’m putting this here because I cannot find a RemoteSwingLibrary forum. Nevertheless, the issue presents with multiple libraries. I suspect it’s an installation issue. I looked at PYTHONPATH and everything seems fine, which means something is usually wrong.

I’m running Python 3.9, Jython 2.7.2 and RF 4.1.dev1 on a standalone Windows Server 2019 VM, so getting this far has been a challenge. Looking for possible solutions or suggestion for what to try next.


You mention your problem as the title of your post. This is not enough information. Usually just reporting the error message does not help us to identify the root cause.

Now, I’ll try to guess the cause of the error:
You are importing library RemoteSwingLibrary in your test case, and it reports correctly that it does not contain keywords.

My apologies. I’m new to Robot Framework and to SW test automation, and have never had a problem that caused me to contact a forum. Nevertheless, you are correct. But I’m not running my own scripts. Only attempting to run the demo files to ensure it is all working correctly. In your response you said, “it reports correctly.” Have I misunderstood something in how RF works and how the scripts function?

You did not started on the basics of Robot Framework, but maybe because of the requirements of your task at hand you needed to “jump” to not so usual features of RF.

RemoteLibrary (and its specific implementations) acts like a driver or middleman between a library and the actual RF testing. This was cleverly designed to make possible a RF, programmed in Python, to see libraries keywords created on other languages. For example Java, and in your case from the Swing Java library.

Actually, the first use case, is to have keywords in a library in a different server, where a computer in that network could run the RF tests, but only having the test cases, not a copy of the library. This way, keywords would only needed to be updated on the server.

If you go to robotframework.org and see the standard libraries docs, you find there the RemoteLibrary. There should be valuable information in the User Guide, which I recommend to read at least one time (and review after a major upgrade. This is a note to self :slight_smile: ).

The library GitHub project should also have important information. If I am not mistaken, the library SikullyLibrary uses the RemoteLibrary, and has a nice architecture diagram.

I also recommend for you to try the RF demo of SwingLibrary, where you use Jython to test a Java app.

Good luck.

Correct again. Jumped into the middle because of a need to demonstrate test automation is possible for a particular system. I’m taking your suggestions under advisement. Thank you!

Thanks for post, Give clear information about it very thankful.