How would be possible to set a username and password and then click the login button using coordinates?

After the Browser is opened appears a pop up for the Username, Password and the login button but It is not possible to find the Xpaths for these elements, so I want to use coordinates (I had tried Click Element At Coordinates, but dont know how to set the text for username and password ), Can someone please help me? How would be possible using coordinates to set the Username, Password and then click the Login button? Many thanks in advance

Hi Alejandro,

First a question: Do you have a requirement to interact with this sign in dialogue?

  • No - Perhaps all you need to do is simply log into the site?, in this case you might be able to avoid this dialogue by putting the username and password into the url i.e.

    • If your site is
    • then change the url to and you should be logged in.
    • This is the easiest option.
  • Yes - well the bad news is neither Selenium Library nor Browser Library can “set a username and password and then click the login button using coordinates?” as you are thinking.

Hopefully that helps,



Hi Dave,
Many thanks for your valuable help, it was very useful, I used the first option, I changed the url to and I was able to logged in.
I appreciate your help, many thanks,
Best Regards,

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