How to Input Username and Password popup

Hi, i created a bot to open up a webpage. Upon open the URL a popup to input username and password is required. How can i achieve this? tried google around but no answer.

You can try this:

{element1} Get Webelement //xpath
Execute Javascript arguments[0]click(); ARGUMENTS ${element1}

It be worth providing more information as in what libraries you are using…

I’m using RPA.Browser.Selenium library

Popup is quite a generic term, because you can have popup’s that are OS level dialogues created by the browser and popup’s that are HTML elements that look like dialogues.

I suggest you use the developer tools of the browser and try to inspect the user name field, if you can inspect it and see it’s an <input type html element then entering the username and password is the same as any other field, otherwise it’s probably an OS level dialogue.

If your still not sure show some screen shots of the popup and might be able to figure it out.


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Here is the image. I try to get the HTML elements but not able to inspect.

Ok that looks like a chrome generated dialogue.

The easiest way to deal with a dialogue like this is to just put the username and password in the url.

If your url is it becomes, then the dialogue shouldn’t appear and you should get logged in.

If that doesn’t work then perhaps one of these threads will help


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Thanks. is working now. informative information.

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How to inspect an text element and write a code to click that particular element which is inside the shadow dom using robot frame work?


You’d in honesty always be best creating a separate post given this here is about a pop up, whereas you’re query is surrounding shadow elements, so you query is hidden as it’s not related to the op, for which your limiting any help/responses you could get.

You’d also be worth providing the library being used, I suspect you won’t be using browser but instead seleniumlibrary if your having problems, but purely an assumption.

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