How to write judgement if a variable contain a specific number

Hi all,

I want to set *64.exe if the environment is 64 bit architecture. How can I achieve it?
I could get 64 or 86 bit environment in the ${processor_architecture} variable.
If the variable contains the number 64, I want to set ***64.exe. And if it contains 84, I want to use ***.exe.

| | ${processor_architecture}= | Get Environment Variable | PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432

Please give me your advise. Thank you very much.
BRs/ Toda

Take a look at a string format

Thank you very much for your comment.
I could achieve it by writing following keywords.

-| Check processor architecture

  • [Documentation] Determine the CPU architecture whether it is running 64-bit or 32-bit
    -| | ${processor_architecture}= | Get Environment Variable | PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE
    -| | ${processor_architew6432}= | Get Environment Variable | PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432 | ${EMPTY}
    -| | ${processor_architecture}= | Set Variable IF
    -| | … | ‘${processor_architecture}’ == ‘AMD64’ or ‘${processor_architew6432}’ == ‘AMD64’ | AMD64
    -| | … | ‘${processor_architecture}’ == ‘x86’ and ‘${processor_architew6432}’ == ‘${EMPTY}’ | x86
    -| | [Return] | ${processor_architecture}

it could be done easier but if you want to do it like so next thing you should do is check if cpu arch type is in string and set an aprorpriate exe like so:
#First take your method and return cpu arch
${cpu_arch} Check processor architecture
#Then set correct exe name for apropriate arch if we have an 64 bit cpu variable will be 64.exe otherwise 32.exe
${exe_filename_end} Set Variable If ${cpu_arch}==“AMD64” 64.exe 32.exe
${exe_filename_start} Set Variable yourgreatexename
${full_filename} Catenate SEPARATOR= ${exe_filename_start} ${exe_filename_end}

or you can use string format like i said before
${exe_filename} Format String yourgreatexename{} ${exe_filename_end}

Much appreciate for your advise!!
It would be really helpful if you teach me the easier way as well.