How to know if the string, Amy is less than the string Astor

I have been searching to no avail I hope someone can help me.

Is there a way know if one string is less than another? In other words, if the name Amy should come before Astor, I would like to receive a result/status of True.

Thank you!

In Python you can just compare strings with the > or the < operator.

Same in Robot.

The python expression "Amy" < "Astor" evaluates to True.

Now the question is, where you want to use it in Robot Framework.

With a Run Keyword If ? Or with a python inline evaluation?

*** Test Cases ***
    ${str1}=    Set Variable    Amy
    ${str2}=    Set Variable    Astor
    Run Keyword If     $str1 < $str2     Log To Console     ${str1} comes before ${str2}

Thank you René, I leaned something new today!!

That helped me a lot. I was using two spaces before and after the < symbol.

Merry Christmas to you (and everyone)!

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree::gift: