How to use the docs of RobotFramework

Hi all,

I would like to understand how to read and use the RF documentation. I have to following example o not understanding the doc’s.

In the docs’s of Robotframework I read at:
That there is a keyword
Dictionary Should Contain Key
Now I want to use that, so I do:

*** Variables ***
&{dict}  key=value
*** Test Cases ***
my test case
    Dictionary Should Contain Key &{dict}  key

Then an error appears:

No keyword with name 'Dictionary Should Contain Key' found.

I’m not interested in an other way of check if a key exists. I’m interested in understanding how to read the doc’s. Thus when I read there is a keyword ‘Dictionary Should Contain Key’. How does that exactly correlate/translate to code?


the linked docs are more than 11 (eleven) years old…
I really really hope, that you are not using Robot Framework Version 2.1.2 :wink:

You should use Robot Framework 5.0.
Here are the docs:

Collections library has to be imported in the “*** Settings ***” Section

When you access a dictionary as a variable you have to use $ as prefix and not &

See that executable example:

Thank you René,

I had no idea there where still very old doc’s around.

BTW I’m using Robot 4.1.3, but will update to 5.0.