How to trigger IBM MQ request using robot framework

How to trigger IBM MQ request using robot framework

A quick google search uncovered JMS Library, that seems to be what you want, the page has an example for connecting to IBM MQ and links to the keyword documentation and project source for more details.

fyi this is what I searched


Thanks Dave for your prompt response… I checked this library earlier and looks like its not maintained … thats the reason I was trying to check in the forum if there is any other options…

The only other libraries I found

  • one looked like it was for rabbitMQ, not sure if that would work for you
  • and MQTT library from the robot framework page, but this doesn’t look like MQ directly but some IOT variation of MQ?

Just because a library hasn’t had any changes for 3 years doesn’t mean it’s not being maintained, it might be working fine and no one has raised any issues. so It might be worth contacting the developer of JMS Library to find out where it’s at. If he’s not maintaining it, there is nothing stopping you from forking it and maintaining it yourself. It would probably be a lot less work than starting from scratch.

Sure Dave … I will try JMS library… Thanks again for your time and support…

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