How to test uploading file without using the keyword choose file

I have a question about uploading file from local machine to a website using robotframework. Is there a method to upload the file without using the keyword Choose File?

I found the solution by using the library AutoIt library

I have the same problem: web application opens Windows popup “Open” to select the file. So Selenium’s Choose File is not able to handle it.

I tried to install AutoIt, but got legacy-install-failure. Maybe it doesn’t work with RF 5.0?

I tried also Zoomba’s DesktopLibrary, but with no success:
Zoomba.DesktopLibrary.Wait For And Input Text name=File name: ${file} → results to error “No application is open”.
If I try to chose the process before that (I have WinAppDriver running and developer mode on):
Zoomba.DesktopLibrary.Switch Application By Name http://localhost:4723 window_name=Open → results to error “Error connecting webdriver to window “Open”. Message: 0x219c4 is not a top level window handle”.

How could this be solved?

I haven’t worked with Zoomba’s desktop library so i can’t help you with that.
I use: RF 4.1.3 and try to run cmd as administrator