How to test PowerBI Dashboards?

How to test different Dashboard using RF

Hi axeyama,

You’ll need to be a bit clearer about what you are trying to do?

For example:

  • What are these "Dashboard"s you are trying to test?
  • Which Library are you using to test them with?
  • Do you have some example robot tests that are not working as expected?

As a general rule in forums, the more information you give about the problem you are having the better the help you’ll get.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for d reply. Its Power Bi dashboard.Im pasting below link of sample dashboards.

What is a dashboard and how do I open it? - Power BI | Microsoft Docs.

Hi axeyama,

It’s still not clear what you are asking for help with, but i’ll take a guess:

I’m guessing you want to know how to test various dashboards in the Power BI Desktop? I’ve never used this app but it’s a windows app and probably .NET based, so as a guess the robotframework-flaui Library is probably the library that will give you the best results.

I suggest scrolling down and downloading the “FlaUI Inspect” tool and using that to see if you can inspect various elements and get their id’s etc with that tool, if this works go ahead and install robotframework-flaui and then refer to the Keyword documentation and the Examples for how to use this Robot Framework Library.

Hopefully that gets you started,