How to Split User Keyword Name into Multiple Lines

Referring to the user guide: Robot Framework User Guide
It says:
Actually, when creating use-case-like test cases, the highest-level keywords are often formulated as sentences or even paragraphs.

Based on this, it is possible that the User Keyword Name is very long, correct? Then, is there a way to split the User Keyword Name to display in multiple lines? Or we can only put it in one line even we name the user keyword as paragraphs?

Hi, the keyword name will need to be all on a singular line, Please see link here for Test Case name and Documentation Generally, you want to create test cases with clear and descriptive names. Making use of the [Documentation] setting on click-through or hover of a keyword could give further information for the logic of the test case with the [Documentation] setting.

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Hi daryl,

Thanks for your reply.