How to set up headless toolset?

Hello, a newbie in testing here. I have a simple test that works just fine locally and now there’s a need to integrate it into our CI/CD. Could anyone provide me with (a link to) step-by-step instructions on setting up all that is needed on Linux to run the tests automatically in headless mode? I tried to google but either I asked it wrong or the knowledge is scattered across hundreds of places.

So, we already have:

  • SSH-accessible Linux (Ubuntu or AmazonLinux, but open to any other)
  • Python 3.9, pip
  • Python libs: robotframework and robotframework-seleniumlibrary.

Still need:

  • headless browser: FF, Chrome (Chromium?)
  • looks like a lot of stuff between the browsers and what-we-have.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @PPutnik,

While the linked thread post below is about running Browser Library on a docker container, it’s basically the same problem you’re trying to solve. I.e. getting a web browser to run on a headless linux machine. The main issue is the browsers need an xdisplay server and you probably don’t have one, the simplest solution is to use XVFB.

Hopefully that gives you what you need,


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