Browser Tests ONLY Run Headless - Want to Show Browser


I’ve been running our QA jobs on Jenkins 2.387.3 - Windows 10 Machine (Windows Server 2019 Datacenter). This machine is a rack mount machine in a datacenter running headless. Also running all of the jobs on this same machine node.

I run a number of jobs in Robot Framework and now with Galen Framework. All of these jobs are browser based and they do work, BUT they are running HEADLESS - NO Browser is shown during the job run. I would like to have the browser shown during the run. The jobs are passing in Robot Framework, but the Galen Framework jobs (run at a given browser size) will fail…

Is this possible when running under this configuration to have the browser (current Chrome & Firefox versions)?



Hi Steve,

Which library are you using for the robot framework jobs?

  • SeleniumLibrary? → Open Browser → Change headlesschrome to chrome
  • Browser Library? → New Browser → change headless=True to headless=False


Hi Dave!

Thanks for your suggestions…

I am currently using the SeleniumLibrary Open Browser method with custom Chrome options.

I added “no-sandbox” option without any change in the behavior of the browser.

This may be a “problem” with the hosted Win10 Server that I’m using…


I found the problem - Running on the Internal Node.

Changed this to a regular startup node - works perfectly!