How to serve up robot resource files with RobotRemoteServer?


I have a setup where we have multiple Robot resource files. The keywords from those resource files are then used in the testcases.
I am trying to run those tests remotely using RobotRemoteServer, but I am only able to do that by importing the underlying Python libraries and calling the Python methods inside the tests.
As this would imply a massive change in the testcases, I am wondering if its possible to serve directly the Robot resource files directly.


By quick glance RobotRemoteServer seems to be just a rpc endpoint that exposes the “keywords” from python libraries. So, if your requirement is that you want to ship your robot resource files that have keywords into the remote server and then run those keywords from in that remote machine, then the answer is nope, probably cant be done at the moment.

But if you just need to provide the keywords from resourcefiles as python packages, that can be done - i blogged about some time ago: and there’s github repo linked in the post …

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