How to read a json-editor on a webpage?


I’m trying to get the information from a json-editor on the page and wondering if there are any libraries that do this? I can only find them for reading in the json files

Any help as always is appreciated!

Hi Adam,

If I understand you have a web application that has a page with an embedded text editor with JSON syntax highlighting, you want to read values from the JSON in the embedded text editor?

I doubt there’s a specific library for this especially as each site quite likely implements the embedded text editor differently (there’s no standard on how to do this)

You might be able to combine a couple of libraries to achieve what you want though

For example

  • You could use SeleniumLibrary or Browser Library to navigate the website and get the text string representation of the JSON
  • You could then pass that text string representation of the JSON Convert String To Json from JSONLibrary to turn it into a JSON object that you can manipulate and get values from

Hopefully that helps,