How to integrate with TestComplete

We are using TestComplete for our Desktop applications testing for couple of years.
In the other and wider part of business we are using different test tools and Robot Frameowrk as underlying umbrella framework to run and report different test applications.

The question I want to ask in here is about TestComplete and Robot integration. Are there any libraries or way available which I can use to integrate the TestComplete test applications into Robot Framework which enables to run and report TestComplete scripts from Robot Framework

My understanding is test complete and robot framework are 2 different tools.
I’m not sure what do you mean “TestComplete test applications”.
Do you write scripts yourself in test complete?

Robot framework script using robotframework libraries and you should ask test complete (smart bear) if they support migration from robot to test complete.

If you want to migrate test complete script and run at robot, answer is no. As I believed test complete has their own built in keywords. Unless you are doing selenium scripts in test complete. Probably you can have minimal migration works to carry on and run it at robot.