How to integrate Robot Framework And Testrail?

Hello people! Im trying to find a solution for my project. I want to run by test case id or by test run id (with several test cases) that I already have in Testrail. I would really appreciate if you can give me a step by step solution of how to instal and how to use.

I’m not familiar with Testrail, but I suggest you look into using tags in your robot framework test cases your “test case id” and “test run id” can be added as tags to the relevant test cases, then when you run robot framework, you specify which tags (“test case id” or “test run id”) you want to run.

Hope that helps,


If you just whant to send report to Testrail, use API: Results - TestRail
At the test teardown, write to the dict suite variable a case id, a test result and test message.
At the suite teardown, gather all test results and their case id, then send to Testrail using method above.

This works really well for us, thank you!