How to get the particular row from SQL query result with PYODBC conenction in Robot framework

I am new for the data connection in Robot frame work. I have connected SQL database successfully and got the Query result. How can we define the Row index to get the particular row of query result ? This is the below code I have run but not able to get second row of the query result.
Connect To Database Using Custom Params pyodbc DRIVER=${DbDriver},Server=${DbServer},PORT=${dbPort},DATABASE=${dbName},UID=${dbUsername},PWD=${dbPassword},Authentication=${DbAuthentication}
sleep 30
@{rows}= Query select * from table
Log to console @{rows}
Log to console Testing the row of the sql query ${rows[3]}

This below error I am getting for this:
Verify the sql Connection | FAIL |
AttributeError: ‘pyodbc.Row’ object has no attribute ‘lower’

Check the full error and stacktrace from the log.html and report it back here.