How to fetch API Response In Variable

Hi I am new at Robot framework
thanks in advanced
I want fetch API Response from UI and check the payment button should be visible .
(In if block I have right condition for if payment button should be visible and else block right condition if payment button is not visible )
${headers}= Create Dictionary Apikey=${apikey} Username=${userid}
Create Session session https://${environment}-api.${extension}
${response}= RequestsLibrary.GET On Session session ${url} headers=${headers}
${Id}= Get Value From Json ${response.json()} Payment
${investment} Convert To String ${response.content}
Log To Console ${Id}
IF ${investment} == ${Payment}
Wait Until Element Is Visible ${loc_Validation}
Wait Until Element Is Not Visible ${loc_Validation}

#(in response i get {“investment”:“payment”},“summary”:{“status_code”:“200”,“status_message”:“Success”}})
I want to fetch payment from from response
in console I get no keyword with name get value from json
so please help me