How to create nested dictionary in python with robot framework

I need your help actually currently I’m using an application and from that application I am fetching the text as {‘Maintenance Contract’:‘1 747 510 $’,‘Recommended repairs(1)’: ‘3 $’,‘Upgrade(0)’: ‘0 $’,‘Estimated(247)’:‘366 294 $’}

As u gave the solution now the values are converted into {‘Maintenance Contract’ : {‘number’ : ‘0’,‘price’:1747510},‘Recommended repairs’:{‘number’:‘1’,‘price’:3},‘Upgrade’:{‘number’:‘0’},‘Estimated’:{number’:‘247’,‘price’:366294}} this format

Actually issue is that the format of the above fetch text remains same but only the values are changing so I want to convert those fetched text into {‘Maintenance Contract’ : {‘number’ : ‘0’,‘price’:1747510},‘Recommended repairs’:{‘number’:‘1’,‘price’:3},‘Upgrade’:{‘number’:‘0’},‘Estimated’:{number’:‘247’,‘price’:366294}}

I want to print the changed values into the console (values keeps changing) so can you please help me with the code its quite urgent

Values keeps changing so I want to print whatever the values are present in UI to console