How to convert UI fetched data directly into dict of dict format

I have written code to fetch data from UI(web page) and then converted that data into dictionary format using json.loads (where I hardcoded the data) but the values present in UI keeps on changing so can anyone help me how can I use the data which I’m fetching from UI as input and then convert that data into dictionary format

For example data present in UI is :
{‘Maintenance contract(0)’: ‘109 630 €’, ‘Recommended repairs(0)’: ‘0 €’, ‘Estimated(17)’: ‘15 695 €’, ‘Upgrade(0)’: ‘0 €’}

the integer values of above data keeps on changing format remains the same so I have used the code
*** Settings ***
Library String
Library Collections
*** Variables ***

*** Test Cases ***
Ashwini Convert Dict
&{input_dict}= Get Dict From App
Log ${input_dict}
&{output_dict}= Convert App Dict ${input_dict}
Log ${output_dict}

*** Keywords ***
Get Dict From App
${input_dict}= Evaluate json.loads(‘{“Maintenance contract(0)”: “109 630 €”, “Recommended repairs(0)”: “0 €”, “Estimated(17)”: “15 695 €”, “Upgrade(0)”: “0 €”}’) modules=json
[Return] ${input_dict}

Convert App Dict
[Arguments] ${input_dict}
&{output_dict}= Create Dictionary
FOR ${key} ${val} IN &{input_dict}
Log “${key} | ${val}”

	# break apart the key
	${keyx} =	Replace String	${key}	)		${EMPTY}
	# @{keyparts}=	Get Regexp Matches	"${key}"	([^\\(]*)\\(([^\\)]*)
	@{keyparts}=	Split String    ${keyx}		(
	Log		${keyparts}

	# make the value to a number
	# first remove the €
	${noero} =	Replace String	${val}	€		${EMPTY}
	${num}=		Convert To Integer		${noero}

	&{val_dict}=		Create Dictionary
	Set To Dictionary		${val_dict}	number	${keyparts[1]}    price		${num}
	Log		${val_dict}

	Set To Dictionary		${output_dict}		${keyparts[0]}		${val_dict}

[Return]	${output_dict}

this code to get below output:
{‘Maintenance Contract’ : {‘number’ : ‘0’,‘price’:1747510},‘Recommended repairs’:{‘number’:‘1’,‘price’:3},‘Upgrade’:{‘number’:‘0’},‘Estimated’:{number’:‘247’,‘price’:366294}}

Now the issue is that integer data from UI keeps on changing so hardcoded data which is used in json.loads will not applicable for other accounts so I want to take input as UI fethed data and convert it into required format

Can anyone help me with the code I tried alot but unable to get required output

Thanks in advance