How to change the excel files test cases to robot framework test cases

I have many excel files of test cases. and now I need to change them to execute in robot framework.
One line is one test cases, such as
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My questions is,
it is better to use python to change these excel to .robot file then execute.
or using robot framework to read excel and then execute these test cases.

or I can regard excel as the robot framework cases editor, like ride, and did some plugin in excel then.

I’d make a converter that reads the excel file in python and writes them to suite files.

I dont think there’s a clean way run keywords off from excel files (like datadriver) – those sort of solutions are used to feed arguments to exising testcases, not providing the testcase code.


I do use excel as "testcase editor* but in my case, excel does not contain any keywords. My usecase is that i have bunch of SQL statements and feature toggles that will end up generating SQL statements. For people that are involved, this is good approach since they know how to write SQL but putting them directly into Robot Framework suites would slow them down. Once the excel is saved, i have python code that reads those excel files and generates robot framework suites for each – This works because essentially every testcase is the same set of keywords but with different SQL statements… I could have done this also via datadriver but having the SQL in the suite also gives me a better diffs when changing the testcases (cant really diff excel files in git without extra tools) …

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Thanks a lot!
I am working on a python file to change the excel files to suit files. by now it works well with a simple demo. I will try to deeply to understand the robot framework for future problems.