How to call the pac files in chrome by using seleniumlibrary?

I want to use pac files to set proxy. it succeed on firefox but filed on chrome. would you share some code for chrome. thanks

Run Keyword If    ${proxyEnable}    Call Method    ${profiles}    set_preference    network.proxy.type    ${2}
Run Keyword If    ${proxyEnable}    Call Method    ${profiles}    set_preference    network.proxy.autoconfig_url    file://${demo_root}/Resources/data/pac/MMS.pac

it seems proxy setting failed. if i use selenium=3.141, it can successful by using Call Method ${options} add_argument --proxy-server=${proxy_ui_url}:${proxy_ui_port}. but if selenium=4.1.0, it will failed both --proxy-server=${proxy_ui_url}:${proxy_ui_port} or ${proxy2.proxyType}= Set Variable pac. and ${proxy2.proxyAutoconfigUrl}= Set Variable file://${demo_root}/Resources/data/pac/MMS.pac. would you share how to set proxy for proxy server and pac files on selenium 4.1.0. thanks