How to Access Variable from Python Library Class Instance


I can import my python class like this… and I can run functions…
but I would like to be able to access a variable inside the class also

Inside class I have a variable error_flag but it can’t find it…
*** Test Cases ***

My first Robot testcase
    ...    Import python class in testcase and call functions...
	...    But how to access variable ? If I print RC.error_flag it gives error that 

    import library    MyPythonClass    WITH NAME    RC
    Log to console    ${RC.error_flag}

error is this

Resolving variable ‘{RC.error_flag}' failed: Variable '{RC}’ not found.

the error_flag has property and setter docorators… in the class…

What I am I doing wrong…

You can set it as global or test variable like below code and then access it in your robot file.
Please note you will have to define the variable in your config file i.e. in your case error_flag should be under variables section in config file which you import under resources.
In python file -
BuiltIn().set_global_variable(’${error_flag}’, your_value)

In robot file-
Log to console ${error_flag}