Google Adwords- Robot to Upload Keywords

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a robot to upload keywords from a files to the plan in Google Adwords. It looks like, it crashes because Google recognizes the robot and denies me to log in. How to handle it? Can you help pls?

I found the undetected_chromedriver, but I cant set it up.

Hi Tomáš,

Talk about picking a fight you can’t win…

If google is detecting Selenium through SeleniumLibrary, I would expect they will probably detect playwright with Browser Library too, but you could try that.

Having said that If google is detecting an automated browser then that means they don’t want you using automation tools on their sites (understandable) so even if you get something like playwright (Browser Library) working there’s a good chance they’ll block it down the track. Remember Google has far more resources to implement automation detection and prevention than you are likely to have to fight them and thier automation detection and prevention.

I believe that google have API’s for automating things on their systems, so I would suggest first you look into how to use those API’s, if you still want to use Robot Framework, RequestsLibrary should be able to do the API calls for you. I would suggest if this option is available that you work the way google wants for automating their systems.

If that’s not an option then as a last resort I can suggest two options, both have their drawbacks:

  • SikuliLibrary or imagehorizonlibrary, these are image recognition based automation so will circumvent the browser automation detection but may be unreliable
  • har2rf-req is a tool I started building, it’s pretty alpha, basically you do the steps manually in a browser without any automation, save the har file that devtools records as you did the steps, then pass the har file to har2rf-req which will create a requests library robot framework file from the har file. It may work for you, but it’s not at a stage where i’d recommend it as anything but a last resort tool.

Hope this is somewhat helpful,


Hi Dave,

thank you for your answer. I finally managed it with the firefox geckodriver and default profile. So I logged in with my profile manualy a then started the test. And somehow it works. Here and there, there is an error, but only approx once i 15 runs. It is ok for me.

But I appreciate your solution, I think, I will use it later in some more problematic tests!


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