Get output - Read , Read Until , time

Hello, I have a test, where I login as a root user and call root menu, where I execute one of the commands , that commands triggers collection of data from other server , sometime it can take up to 20 - 30 min to collect all data into that box, basically it runs through all dashboards and update data on testing box, and I need to collect - Log all the output , I was trying to use Read , Read Untill - Press enter to continue. , but it all seems not working , failed.
Also tried - ${found}= Wait Until Keyword Succeeds 80 min 3 sec Read Until Press enter to continue. , tried Set Client Configuration timeout=5600s, Used just Read with huge delay time to capture all the output. But all them failed . Can anyone give the idea how to capture the actaul output , or exactly to - Press enter to continue. - that the end of the output. After that i supposed to close the connection. Thank you