Obtain the output with robotframework of SSH session


I want to obtain the output about a command that I execute on SSH session. I don’t want to obtain if the command has been executed with success, I need to obtain the output.

My code is:
Open Connection ${IP}
Login ${User} ${Password}
${output} Execute Command laqShow
Log ${output}
Close Connection

But in the output, I have not the correct result.
The output when you execute that command is:
Module 1 offline
Module 2 offline

I have tested with many keywords (about the SSHLibrary) but I have no succes whith that. Could you know the way to resolve this issue?

Hi Carlos,

In the documentation for Execute Command, you want the return_stderr option

The documentation provides this example:

{stdout} 	${stderr}= 	Execute Command 	echo 'Hello John!' 	return_stderr=True

If the command follows POSIX standards and stderr returned is 0 then the “command has been executed with success” otherwise it a non success.

So start with that and see how you go.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the information but i don’t have that 0 if the command has been executed with success or the opposite. I want to save in a variable the output that you obtain when execute the command.

I don’t know if I have explained myself well.


Hi Dave,

For example if I execute “ifconfig”, In the SSH session I obtain an information about the networks configurations so I want to save that information in some way because I need to analyse after and I have been tried with the SSHLibrary and his keywords but without success.


Hi Carlos,

Sorry I made a mistake (That’s what I get for replying to posts at 1am :laughing: )

You need return_rc=True not return_stderr=True

Here’s an example:

*** Test Cases ***
Carlos Pitero 1
  Open Connection   ${IP}
  Login   ${User}   ${Password}
  ${output}   ${rc}=  Execute Command   ifconfig  return_rc=True
  Log   ${rc}
  IF    ${rc} == 0
    Log  command has been executed with success
    Log  command failed with error level ${rc}
  Log   ${output}
  Close Connection


Hi Dave,

Thank you very much for the information. That code works correctly but with linux commands that I need to use does not work as expected.
I put on the console this command “tty > /tmp/BLCMD” and then the another one “echo “laqShow” > /tmp/BLCMD”. When I put the last one, I obtain in the console:

I tried to the same with RobotFramework but I not obatin anything:

Hi Carlos,

Ah Ok, this part of your command > /tmp/BLCMD is redirecting the stdout to the file /tmp/BLCMDso you can either

  1. not redirect to the file, something like this
{stdout} 	${stderr}= 	Execute Command 	echo “laqShow” 	return_stderr=True
  1. or read the file after running the command, something like this
{stdout} 	${stderr}= 	Execute Command 	echo “laqShow” > /tmp/BLCMD 	return_stderr=True
Log 	${stderr}
{stdout}= 	Execute Command 	cat /tmp/BLCMD
Log 	${stdout}

It depends if you really need to create that BLCMD file or not?


Hi Dave,

Thank you very much. The code has works correctly with your help!!! Thanks a lot!!


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