From xls to Jira via Robot Framework

Hi all,

Issue: there are bug reports in excel - I need to import it in Jira via Robot Framework.

The errors get send to e.g. a table (xls)
That action is triggering the REST interface where a robot framework script is used
This automation creates the ticket in jira based on the excel’s information and sends back the jira ID of the ticket into the excel

Do you have ideas of RF script for this or info how to do it?

thank you

Hi Anna,

I’ve not done that myself, but it should be possible, here’s some links that might help:

  • robotframework-datadriver, this Library will let you read the excel file’s data into variables. There are examples of this through out this forum
  • RequestsLibrary, this library will let you call the REST API’s of Jira, There are examples of doing this through out this forum as well.

Include both these libraries in your robot file, use the datadriver keywords to get the excel data into variable, then use those variable when calling Jira’s API’s with the RequestsLibrary keywords and you should be able to acheive what you need.


thank you very much, Dave!

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