For and Get Element Attribute Issue in Robot Framework

I am writing Test cases using Robot Framework with Maven Plugin.
I noticed after importing Selenium2Library, below keywords work in differently in Robot Framework Project and Maven Project
For Loop- If try to use New For Loop, it gives error- For Keyword Reserve, but it works fine in Robot Framework Project
Get Element Attribute- Same Keyword expects single Argument in Maven Project but expects two argument in RF Project.
Any else facing the same issue?

What version of Robot Framework are you using? Also, if this is a new project or new test automation you are working on, you should not be using Selenium2Library. That library is old and deprecated. Instead use SeleniumLibrary or if at all possible, the Browser library.

Not that I think that is related to your For Loop issue.

I am using RF 3.2.2. and yes I have created new Project.
Let me change my library to SeleniumLibrary. Thanks alot for your help…